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Out The Door-ganizing

Once you have purged the stuff in your home down to a manageable quantity, there is no more important practice to stay organized than to establish DEDICATED ZONES.  These are areas in your home (or office) that are dedicated to one purpose and nothing else.  The stricter you are, the easier it will be to stay organized.  Perhaps the most vital dedicated zone of all is the exit zone. I realize the word “strict” has the negative connotations of a schoolmarm with tightly pulled back hair and a ruler at the ready to whack you across the knuckles when you step out of line, but “strict” can be your friend.  I firmly believe in the paradox that limitations breed freedom. Take the example of the exit zone.   Near your front door you may have a small table, shelf, or counter, like the one pictured.    This is prime real estate, not to be squandered.  Tchotchkes, clothing, and incoming mail can all go elsewhere, but there is no better place to collect items that you want to make a point of remembering […]

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