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Sewing The Seeds Of Progress

Picture this.  It’s a beautiful spring day and you’re meeting a couple of friends at Starbucks for breakfast.  Afterwards, as you walk out, you spot an open house and the three of you decide to check it out.  It’s the house of your dreams and you decide then and there you want to buy it.  Money is no object for you, so you don’t need to worry about the mortgage.  One of your friends happens to be a home inspector so he checks it out on the spot and tells you the house is in perfect condition.  The other friend happens to be an appraiser and tells you it is worth $100,000 more than the asking price.  Long story short, the house is yours by lunchtime. Now, I’m sure my friends in the real estate business would point to a myriad of reasons this little story couldn’t happen, but that only goes to further my point, which is this: achieving goals, especially important ones, is less like hunting and more like gardening. There’s a lot of self-help advice out there […]

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