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When In Doubt, DON’T Throw It Out

When In Doubt, DON’T Throw It Out I realize this title sounds like organizing heresy, but it’s really all about learning effective organizing habits. When purging clutter with my clients, I tell them that I would prefer that they NOT throw out an item they’re not sure about, than have them waste time and focus with fear and regret. It’s important to let go, but it’s more important to keep the momentum going so the project of the day comes to a satisfying conclusion. I know you’ve heard the catchy rule of thumb many times: “When in doubt, throw it out.” That’s easy to remember and it’s certainly captures the right spirit of purging, but I also think it can be quite damaging. Many is the time I have seen a client swing from one extreme to another. They get the urge to purge and they suddenly go from keeping everything to tossing everything. I have to keep them from traveling down the path to regret. I don’t want the client to regret their decisions and I don’t want them […]

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