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Don’t Waste A Beautiful Day On Owners Manuals

If you are a true minimalist, toss all your owner’s manuals. You can get that information online.  End of post. The rest of us are not so comfortable with that approach, but would still like a simple solution for organizing owner’s manuals. In my experience as a professional organizer, I tend to see one extreme or another.  Either there is no system and owner’s manuals show up in any room in the house OR there is an overly organized system. I guess I don’t have to explain what’s wrong with the first extreme, but what about the second? Is it really possible to be overly organized? What’s the harm? One of the benefits of being organized, is the ability to prioritize and make decisions more quickly.  This benefit needs to start in the process of GETTING organized. The less time and energy you spend organizing less important things, the more time and energy you will have for organizing more important things. Owners manuals are one of those less important things.  They basically fall under the category I call Sleeping Files, […]

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