Organizing Your Way Out of Clutter Chaos

Is your basement brimming over with a collection of clutter? Are you having trouble maneuvering through mountains of magazines dating back two decades? Perhaps your holiday wrapping station has become completely unraveled, with random bits of ribbon shoved in the bottom of a box, to say nothing of ornaments and lights stockpiled in bulging black plastic bags. Organization professionals confirm we are facing an overwhelming amount of clutter in our daily lives.

Matt Baier of Matt Baier Organizing says, “People shouldn’t feel bad if they’re having trouble getting organized. Today we have so many new sources of clutter and it’s harder to stay organized than ever before. Primarily it’s due to new technology; we live in a world where technology is increasing at an accelerated rate. For example, those collections of VHS tapes were updated by DVDs, which have now been replaced with sources such as Netflix. In this 21st century there are lots of reasons for clutter. The global economy allows for cheaper goods, so we are buying a great quantity of items and accumulating a lot more.”

“My number one organizing philosophy is “circulation prevents accumulation,” and by setting up simple, easy to use systems, people can remove clutter and enjoy a home that is less chaotic. For recycling, set up a bin in the kitchen that can easily be carried to the garage. Set up a donation depot in your closet for unwanted clothing that can then also be easily toted to the garage. From there you can quickly load the car to cart away the clutter or put it out on collection day.”

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