Product Review: James the Doorman

BB-DOORS-104The Anglo-Swiss design team of Black and Blum are putting the fun in “function.” It’s worth checking out their website to see what I mean. Exhibit A is James the Doorman, a whimsical adaptation of the classic doorstop.

Perhaps you’ve never asked your doorstop to be more fun, but why not? Besides being fun, James works really well. Just slide his foot under your door and even the heaviest, most stubborn door stays open.

Another bonus is that his statuesque shape and bright color mean that he doesn’t get lost, when you need him most.

There is also a James the Bookend, to bring some fun the bookshelf.

James the Doorman retails for $20 and is available at The Container Store and at Amazon.

It must be said, however, that the James the Doorman Facebook page could use some help. Perhaps this review will be posted on it.