Property organizer can ease homeowner’s pain prior to sale

When Peggy and Dayton Ogden decided to sell their New Canaan house, they realized they needed help to get it ready to be shown to prospective buyers, so she called a property organizer, an impartial observer to help them decide what to keep or discard.

The Ogdens, Peggy is 66 and Dayton is 68, accumulated a lot of keepsakes and mementos in the 17 years they have lived in their home in the Silvermine section of town, and they have an emotional attachment to many of them. Through a search done by their daughter, Margaret Hughes, Peggy contacted Matt Baier, principal in Matt Baier Organizing in Stamford.

“We decided that the house is too big, and we have to downsize,” Peggy said, realizing that downsizing means disposing of a lot of the things in closets, cupboards, the basement, the garage and the attic. “I’m exhausted. I’m working my tail off.”


`Ridiculously organized’

But having her daughter, Baier and his three-person crew, made the job of “uncluttering” easier.

“They take the `overwhelmingness’ out of it. After they talk with me, they put things into piles. It’s ridiculously organized. The sentimental stuff, I’m keeping,” Peggy said, figuring that she and Dayton might put the house on the market in late summer or early fall. “They (Baier and his crew) are passionate about what they do. They have empathy about your life and things that have sentimental value.”

Peggy was impressed with Baier’s goal of finding a use for nearly everything his crew removed from the house.

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