Product Review: Cablox™ Cable Management

Product Review: Cablox™ Cable Organizer

Cablox_pic1.jpg-for-web-normalThe Cablox Cable Organizer definitely taps into the whole minimalist aesthetic. Their one page website sells it’s experience as the “art of cable management.” It makes a feature of the fact that is designed in Denmark. For some reason, that makes me think of Brut, by Faberge, like that somehow makes it more special. It is, in fact, about as easy a cable management system as I have found.

Each box comes with two cable pads. Each pad has an adhesive back, which enables you to affix it in just seconds.

I was impressed by the variety of cable sizes that could fit in the Cablox, everything from thin phone cords to fat computer cables. They go in really easily, stay there as long as you want, then come out really easily. I put them under my desk, one at each end. I’m using them to suspend a few annoying dangly cables.

Because there is a grid of knobs, 8 by 8, cables can be separated. This is a great feature if you want to service, adjust, or replace just one component. You don’t have to untangle the whole mess, you get with most systems.

Just two downsides. First, the computer setups I see in most households, and offices, including my own, have too much going on with the cables, to be controlled by these pads, even if you had several of them. Second, you better be sure about where you want them placed, because they can’t be repositioned, once they’ve been secured.

For a few loose cables, however, the Cablox Cable Management system is excellent.






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  1. Always great to read your blog! Was ready to buy these cable organizers then I read what you wrote about not being able to move them once they are placed. Thanks!

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