Product Review: Wall Mates® dry erase boards

Product Review: Wall Mates® dry erase boards

AW4020_M_1There’s a lot of dry erase boards out there, so what makes the Wall Mates® from At-A-Glance®  so much better? It’s the hanging technology.

I could talk about the variety of formats to choose from and the easy-to-erase surface, but a lot of dry erase boards have those features.  What makes Wall Mates® special is the easy to use self-adhesive hanging solution.

•The board goes up in seconds, no tools required. Just peel and stick.

•Want to move the board to another location? No problem. The adhesive can be reused.

•The board is easily removable, will not damage wall surfaces, and leaves no adhesive residues.

The Wall Mate® is the difference between “we should hang a whiteboard” and “We HAVE a whiteboard.” I recommend it.

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  1. Thanks Matt! I’ve actually been looking for a combo calendar/TO DO write-on, wipe-off for in my office. I like that it won’t damage my walls if I change my mind on where it belongs…

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