Conquering Cabinet and Pantry Clutter

by Robin Glowa on Mar 12, 2014 • 9:02 pm

For passionate cooks and entertaining enthusiasts, the kitchen is command central, with well-organized pantries and cabinets an essential component of a pleasureable, creative experience.

Michael Jackson, kitchen and bath designer for Ring’s End, is a firm believer in high-efficiency organization. “If you really like to cook or love to entertain, you need to determine how you like to work and where you want to set up your supplies, appliances and equipment,” he explains. “We specialize in helping homeowners create a working space that best reflects their individual needs.” Rollout trays in cabinets and pantries, for example, offer an incredible source for organization and provide an instant food inventory, eliminating duplication at the supermarket (a terrific cost-saving measure).

“When it comes time to reorganize your kitchen, don’t underestimate how long it will take … allow at least one full day,” suggests Matt Baier, Matt Baier Organizing. Photo courtesy of Matt Baier Organizing.

“I’ve just redone my own kitchen,” says Michael, “and I’ve seen the wonderful practicality of these trays for myself. They can be custom designed for new kitchen construction or installed in existing cabinets. I particularly appreciate a single rollout tray under a sink, perfect for items like silver polish.”

Deep drawers for pots and pans are a super practical and easy way to get at the tools you use most frequently, while two-tier utensil drawers make setting up dining tables or buffet areas a breeze.

When re-creating or reorganizing a pantry space, consider your particular needs. Are you often entertaining crowds of 10 or more? Are you focused on baking or constantly experimenting with new recipes and ingredients? Do you collect vintage glassware and need to incorporate display space?

“There is more built-in storage in the kitchen than in any other room of the house,” contends Matt Baier, owner of Matt Baier Organizing. “When it comes time to reorganize, don’t underestimate how long it will take … allow at least one full day. Believe it or not, people run out of space because they don’t realize how much there is!” Staying organized is the key for a happy home cook. You’ll want to completely clear out your pantry and cabinets, tossing expired items.

“Frequency merits facility,” says Matt. “The more you use something, the easier it should be to access.” Counters are king, and by keeping out only the pieces of equipment you use constantly, you will give yourself a clear work surface and maintain an organized area.

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