Product Review: Rotating Desktop Tablet Stand by Kantek

easelI decided to test out the new Rotating Desktop Tablet Stand by Kantek at one of my bloggers meetings. I meet with some networking colleagues every few months in an effort to help each other out with our blogs. This turned out to be the perfect place to take this product for a spin!

We made several different observations:

• The four adjustable angles are perfect! You actually find yourself using ALL of them.

• The base has a good weight to prevent it from tipping over without being too heavy and cumberso me. The easel WILL NOT tip over. And yes, we tried.

• The easy swivel is great for sharing the screen with others at a desk or table. It glides very smoothly.

• We tried both the iPad and iPad Mini and found this product worked equally well for both of them

• The tablet stand folds up easily, so it is great for travel.

• Our one reservation is that it might have been nice to have a lock feature, because sometimes the rotation moves a bit TOO easily!

Otherwise, this is a great product, that we highly recommend. The best place to find it is Shoplet, where it sells for only $19.99.