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Product Review: Pentel Office Pens and Twist Eraser Pencils

PentelsI’ve been trying out these pens and pencils from Pentel for the past few weeks.  I like them all, but I’ve definitely got my favorites.

The Office Pen, The Pentel EnerGel Pearl Roller Ball

There’s two things I like about this pen. The first thing is the smoothness with which it writes. Apparently it’s the right blend of liquid and gel that makes it write so smoothly. I find myself looking for things to write (instead of key). This pen even makes balancing my checkbook more fun. Usually an ink that is this liquidy takes a while to dry, but this one dries very quickly and doesn’t smear. The second thing I like about it is all the colors it comes in.  In addition to the standard blue and black, I also tried out a pink and purple. I was surprised how much I liked writing with the purple. I like to correct manuscripts on paper and I am finding myself favoring the purple over red.  It’s distinct enough, but less drastic. These pens come in medium (.7) and fine (.5). I much prefer the medium. It makes a profound statement.

Twist Erase Mechanical Pencil

I have to admit I don’t use a pencil too often, and then only to draw. At first I thought, big deal, another mechanical pencil, but the Twist Erase Mechanical Pencil has got three really cool features. First, it’s got a sliding sleeve that makes lead extension super easy. Second, you just rotate it to extend the eraser. Finally it has a soft cushion grip, which makes it more comfortable to hold. If you are looking for a better mechanical pencil, I’d definitely recommend giving this one a try.

Both of these products are available at

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