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The Top 6 Reasons for Moving in America

A guest post by Carlee Quintas

Each year, over a million people in America relocate from their current residents or place of birth to relocate within the same town, out of the state, or even the country. In 2013, over 35 million Americans moved around the country or out of the country, with the average American moving once every 5 years. Although there has been a slight decrease over the years in mobility, people are still moving around in the United States. Here are some of the major reasons for moving in America.

Job Related

One of the biggest reasons for Americans moving is job related relocation. Many companies are trying to cut back costs by moving to another town, state, or even country and the employees will also have to move if they would like to keep their current job. Or, there are other companies that have multiple offices around the country or world and wish to have their employees transfer between them.

On the other hand, finding a job in another area that is better is also a great opportunity to move to another state or country. If you have an awesome job but the commute is extremely long and expensive, then most people would prefer to move closer to their workplace rather than wasting hours of their time stuck in traffic at the beginning and end of every work day.

Health Problems/ Retirement

Physical ailments such as knee, back, or leg problems can make it hard for someone to move around their current home, especially if it is a two story. Therefore, moving to a single level home or possibly a condo would make more sense for those who are dealing with health issues. For those who are unable to move and pack on their own, it is good have an idea of what you need to know for moving, and how to hire the correct person/company for your move.

There are many people who feel that once they reach a certain age, they have paid their dues to the work force and decide to retire, especially to places that will help them relax, usually in a warm, beautiful, and peaceful place. Those who are retiring have many different communities available across the United States to choose between. Many of these retirement communities contain golf courses, club houses, weekend gatherings, parties, and workout facilities for those who live in the community.

See Family More/Less Often

A great reason for wanting to move for some is to see their family more often. If you live in another part of the country, or are even just an hour or two away from your loved ones, it can be nice to move so you are living closer to your family. Getting to be closer to grandparents, cousins, parents/kids, or aunts and uncles can be great for families and building up those relationships. On the other side of that coin though, there are some who would like to see their family less often and choose to move away and put more distance between them and their dysfunctional or fractured family.

Personal Relationships

Not much can be more exciting when you are able to move in with a partner or into a place with your new husband or wife. One or both parties may need to sell or rent out where they are living, especially if they both owned homes before deciding to move in together. On the other hand, breaking up is another big reason for moving. Sometimes, the home or apartment they lived in together can hold too many bad memories, or one person may not be able to sustain the home on their income. Even though it is a delicate situation, moving out after a breakup is complicated, mistakes will happen and it’s good to know and understand that.

Carlee Quintas spent her childhood and young adult life moving from one home to another. Finally settled into a charming Texas home, she spends her time writing about travel, moving, and home improvement. 

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