Product Review: EverDock by Fuz Designs

IMG_2474Sometimes I just discover a product and I fall in love with with it. This is just such a product. The EverDock by Fuz Designs is one of those rare products that simply does exactly what you need, nothing more, nothing less.

I finally justified the purchase of an iPad recently, primarily because I wanted to have a more efficient, share-able alternative for client intakes than my traditional clipboard box. I have to admit, it requires a learning curve to work out all the kinks in the conversion, but there’s no turning back.

One  of my kinks to work out is, skipping the initial pen-to-paper conversion of new information as it comes in over the phone. I wanted my iPad located, fully charged, right next to my traditional tray of intake forms, so that I learn to grab it, instead of one of my paper forms. That spot just to the right of my desk is prime real estate, so I couldn’t clutter it up with one of those cumbersome docking stations. The EverDock proved to be the perfect solution.

IMG_2475It takes up roughly the same amount of space as a coaster. It is elegant in it’s simplicity, but it is also extremely versatile. “It is designed to support virtually ALL smartphones and tablets. Accommodating lightning, 30-pin, micro-USB, and auxillary cables, the EverDock works with any of your devices.” I was ready to go with my iPad’s lightening cable within seconds.

Also, the EverDock comes with a removable silicone protector so it easily accommodates devices with or without a case. This was great news to me, because I think one of the greatest features of an iPad is the minimalist, magnetic cover that can come with it.  I never want to separate this cover from my iPad and the EverDock accommodate this desire.

Here’s the feature that really convinced me that the designers actually use this product. The EverDock features micro-suction technology, so that it remains firmly in place when removing your device. Just grab and go.

Finally, here’s a feature that I wasn’t expecting. The EverDock creates the perfect viewing angle for Skype and FaceTime calls as well as easy reading of your messages and notifications. I may be working on my desktop, but if any new notifications come in, they are way more visible on my iPad resting to my right, on the EverDock. Of course, I can choose to ignore most of them, but when I need the immediacy, the EverDock plays a supporting role. By positioning my iPad vertically, the EverDock frees up critical surface area, for processing.

It’s cheaper to buy a two-pack, which I did. I thought I might want one for my iPhone, but since I insist on using the thick case with the plug for the charging port, it didn’t fit. Otherwise this product works great for smart phones. No matter, the extra EverDock made an excellent gift.

One of my core beliefs as an organizer is frequency merits facility. The EverDock is not cheap. If you get two, it’s about $50 apiece, but I would extend that belief to frequency merits expense. I use my iPad daily now, so having an easily accessible, space-friendly, charging station for it, is an investment that pays off quickly. If that sounds like your situation, I would highly recommend the EverDock from Fuz Designs.