This video is all about tips on organizing to sell. Do you have a lot of things sitting around your home just taking up space?

Here’s a Fun Fact: In 2016 the amount of gross merchandise volume sold on eBay was close to 100 billion dollars.

Once you decide which product you would like to list first, you have to think about the description of your item and put that into your title.

We call these keywords”, these keywords are filters that lead buyers to your listings. Keywords are important in a global market, the more bidders more money.

As an example I have a similar pair of Olsen Haus boots that another seller listed on eBay. Do you think many people were directed to this listing? Probably not.

Here is a listing I created using stronger keywords. As you see I added the brand, shoe size, style name, kind of boot, color and most importantly VEGAN. Vegan is a very unique feature in shoe wear which should be highlighted, especially if a potential buyer is interested in a vegan boot, but is not familiar with this particular brand.

Great photographs are critical when organizing to sell. The main photo is what gives the buyer their first impression and will influence where or not they will click onto your listing.

Here is an example of a very poor photo and also quite a funny one.

In his defense he is taking a picture of one of the most difficult objectives which is the dreaded reflective surfaces

I have a similar kettle here with a light box set up. You can buy this whole set-up on eBay, just search for light box and you’ll see many variations of this

It’s relatively affordable and including the tripod it will run you around $60 dollars.

When organizing to sell, I also like to use a piece of acrylic that I lay underneath to add illumination.

By using the light box you will be defusing the glare from the lights and shielding the kettle from other objects in the room, giving it a clear background.

Now unlike our friend from the last photograph I will be using a remote shutter on my camera so I am not in the photo.

You cannot avoid that, so in postproduction you will need to use Photoshop or another photo editing software to erase the camera and blend the colors to create volume.

It is challenging and does require a lot of practice, but I feel the end reason makes it worth it, when organizing to sell.

I would like to talk about shipping which a lot of sellers leave as an afterthought. The rate of the shipping will help determine the selling price of your item whether you offer free shipping or not, so you must be precise in calculating your costs. I suggest buying a good postal scale that goes up 30 lbs. and a tape measurer of at least 3 feet to be on the safe side, which can be bought at Staples or another store.

I have here a marble pen set that weighs 13.13 lbs.

Now we have to get our shipping materials. Since this is a fragile item we need to use bubble wrap and Styrofoam peanuts. You must spend the time to pack this properly because no one will thank you for receiving a broken piece.

Let’s see how much this weighs? Okay it weighs 2 lbs., so the total weight is 15.13 lbs. Now let’s measure the dimensions of the box, 18 X 14 X 12.

Now you have to figure out where it’s going before someone buys it, when organizing to sell

I use eBay’s rate calculator and set it to Alaska if I’m mailing it in the US only, this way I will know the highest price it could cost to ship, and then you can do the same thing for international shipping by inputting Asia.

Luckily for me I am a Top Rated Seller on eBay so I receive a 20% discount on my shipping which really helps.

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