Organizing Collectibles

Collectibles can take up a lot of space in your home, so here are five useful tips to keep in mind when organizing them.

1. Don’t Ask Where, Ask Why

I’ve mentioned this tip before, but it is particularly relevant for collectibles. When you find yourself asking where to keep something, turn the question around and ask yourself WHY you are keeping it. Because you can keep the same item, for several different reasons. For example, comic books just for reading can go to a coffee table or bedside, while comic books for display can be framed on the wall. Comic books to sell, should go inside a box, in plastic sleeves with a non-acidic backing, to protect their value.

2. Showcase well

If the reason you choose to keep a collection is to display, it’s worth spending a little extra on products that showcase and protect your collectibles. For example, I keep my collection of Muppet busts inside a clear lucite box, from the Container Store. They are protected from dust and cats, but they are visible enough to still be appreciated.

3. Be prepared to switch

It’s quite alright  to change your reason for keeping an item, but be prepared forthat possible switch. For example, in case I decide to sell my Muppet busts, I keep the original box. It adds to the value. Even the condition of the box matters, so be sure the box itself is well protected. To get the maximum value for a item, it must be in mint condition. This  would meant that you should NEVER take it out of the box.

4. Reassign the excess

If you have too many collectibles, it can compromise your enjoyment of them. They may also be encroaching on space that you need for more important things in your home. Collectibles can be donated.  Try your local libraries for comic books. Also, there is an organization called Comics 4 Kids, that will take them. Download tax form 8283 for Noncash Charitable Contributions. There’s a check-box on page two for “collectibles”.

5. Know the value

If you are depriving yourself of the value of reading your comic books, because you want to be sure you keep them in absolutely mintcondition, be sure they are actually worth something. As a general rule, the less rare, the less value. According to Mike Dolce, host of The Secrets of the Sire Radio Show, “If you bought that big event comic book like Death of Superman back in the 90s thinking it would put your kid through college, think again. Because EVERYONE bought one.” If you have a rare collectible, it’s value will be increased with its condition. As I mentioned, collectors have very high standards for what they consider “mint.” Mike says, with comic books, the only way to be sure is to get it CGC graded.

Not all collectibles are created the same and not all collectibles are valued the same so, as  with so many organizing challenges, prioritize to organize.