Kitchen Storage System Product Review: Shelf Genie, CT

I discovered the amazing Shelf Genie kitchen storage systems from Connecticut franchise owner Alex Modica. Alex has been a business partner with NAPO-CT, for a number of years. He understands the value of working with organizers and we appreciate the value of his product and service.

Once you have finished sorting, editing, and prioritizing everything in your kitchen, then it’s time to look at structure. That’s where Alex and Shelf Genie comes in. After you solve your quantity and priority issues, then the challenge is easy maintenance. Making things fit comfortably and easy to locate and access, are what makes Shelf Genie so valuable. Here are the specifics.

Signature Feature

Shelf-Genie’s signature feature is the pullout shelf.  Rather than bending over and reaching into the back of shelves, you simply glide out the shelf. You can then easily access everything on the shelf, including the items in the back. Each shelf is surrounded by a short wall, so items don’t slide off the side, when it is removed.

Meets Toughest Challenges

Shelf Genie features “design within reach.” Each shelf is not only a beautiful, customized design, but is very easy to access. This is true, even with the toughest challenge: corner storage. Without any structure under the corner counter, items are very hard to access. One option is the lazy susan, but I find that stored items tend to jam up the rotation access. Shelf Genie has an ingenious solution that addresses the blind corner cabinet. Two shelves are installed.  One glides straight out, then the blind shelf glides sideways, into the vacated spot. You can see how it works, here.


Numerous Options

Shelf Genie not only provides easy access for lower storage, but upper storage, including a pull down feature. Shelf Genie has products, not only for the kitchen, but the pantry and bathroom as well. They are coming out with new products all the time, which you can see on their facebook page. The latest is a full walk-in pantry.

Easy Process

The Shelf Genie process is as easy as 1,2,3:

1. Meet with a Designer

A representative from Shelf Genie will come out for a free consultation. He or she will get familiar with your storage needs and design preferences.

2. Get a Custom Solution

You don’t need to wait. Your designer will provide you with a custom designed solution, right on the spot. There’s no obligation.

3. Professional Installation

Measurement, construction, and installation are all included.

Shelf Genie is a pleasure to work with. The quality of their service matches the quality of their product. Shelf Genie offers the best kitchen storage I have discovered to date. I encourage you to check out their website, to learn more.

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