The best way to get your closet organizing all set is by striking the right balance. I’m talking about a balance of three organizing factors, represented by S, E, and T.  “S” stands for space and “T” stands for time. You might have guessed the organizing factors of space and time, so what does the “E” stand for? “E” stands for energy, a factor we frequently overlook. We may easily recognized the limitations of time and space, but we forget energy. We shouldn’t.

Getting your closet (or anything else for that matter) organized is easier, when you address your space, energy, and time balance. It is also easier for you to stay organized, when you know your S.E.T. balance. Here are some points to consider to achieve this balance for truly effective closet organizing.

Space for getting organized

The space you have in a closet is pretty clearly defined by its width, depth, and height. However, it’s hard to get clear on these dimensions if some or all of your stuff is still inside. This is why it is important to take everything out. Also, it is easier to reprioritize your space, if you see what has been hiding inside. Often there are things tucked in corners that you have forgotten about and won’t miss.

Energy for getting organized

It’s not brain surgery, but don’t take on organizing your closet too lightly. If you only do a halfway job then the clutter quickly returns and it can be discouraging to try again. It drains your energy. It may make sense to divide your energy between editing your wardrobe and setting up systems. In other words, think how much time it will take just to do the first part.  You have to pull everything out, try it on, group like items, and remove the excess. That’s actually a lot. Measuring for the right products, buying them, and setting them up is a lot too. Acknowledging all this energy expenditure is an easily overlooked, but very important step toward sustainable systems.

Time for getting organized

Realistic time allotments might be closely related to realistic energy allotments, but not necessarily. Perhaps you feel that you really do have the energy to start, work through and finalize your closet. That’s great, but then do you have the time? Maybe you do, but at least ask yourself the question.

Space for staying organized

As I mentioned in my last blog, people often confuse “fitting” with organizing. Getting everything to just fit inside a closet does not create a path to sustainable organizing. For that, you need to leave enough space for generous dedicated zones.  You also need to leave enough open space for visibility and accessibility. For starters, is there enough  open floor space, to stand on, to access items on the shelves? If you don’t even have that, it’s time to do some further prioritizing.

Energy for staying organized

It takes very little to create a barrier. Containers can create barriers, so they can sometimes do more harm than good. If structure is necessary, ask yourself if it can be a clear material, so you know what you have. Lids are not only concealers, but they require an extra action and an extra hand. These examples may sound like a negligible drain on your energy, but they add up. The best organizing systems are the ones that are so easy that you feel like you are cheating. If you can maintain organizing systems without thinking, you’re right where you want to be.

Time for staying organized

Closet storage may seem unrelated to time management, until you ask a simple question. How much time in your morning do you want to devote to selecting items in your closet? Just ten minutes? What if it only took two minutes? Do you think you could find a better way to spend those extra 8 minutes? That might be enough time to knock off 4 quick emails that have been weighing on your mind. That’s the type of time-gift that can bring clarity, focus, and  calm to your morning. How good does that sound?

Mostly when we look at a closet storage challenge, we recognize the need to open up and maintain space. We may hesitate because we realize that it will take time to open up space and free up time. We may be able to find a few minutes of time to address the challenge, but then something happens. You guessed it. We run out of energy. You have to be able to account for space, time, AND energy to achieve sustainable results. 

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