Matt Baier Organizing has had a YouTube Channel for years, but this year I’m giving it my full attention. My goal for 2021 is to produce a new video every Wednesday afternoon. I’m following a different theme every month. January was kitchen month and February is work-from-home month. This week I took a break to create a trailer for my YouTube channel. You can see it below. Here is the channel description and invitation that will accompany it.

Overwhelmed with the clutter in your home? Is it uncomfortable to invite friends to your home and difficult to get things done? Wasting time trying to find things you need? 

These organizing challenges and more are the reasons for this channel. I’ll be sharing field-tested solutions, including clutter control, paper management, organizing systems and time management. My focus? Make life  EASIER.

I’ll share how to make getting and staying organized easier with a central approach: CIRCULATION. This is the subject of my book “The Circulation Solution.” By “circulation” I mean a plan for movement. Life is constantly moving, so the best organizing systems are the ones that move with it.

I’ll be addressing the most common organizing challenges from our clients, but I want to hear from YOU. Let me know if you like what you are seeing or if there is a subject you would like to hear me cover.  Sound good? If so, please subscribe and I’ll see you around