So what’s the secret of getting and staying organized?

It’s recognizing what being organized looks like to YOU. know, it sounds like I’m being evasive, but honestly, that recognition is the whole key. It will enable you to not only get organized, but stay organized.

There are many reasons to get organized, so be sure you start your journey, by choosing the right destination.

I have three examples to show you what I mean. There is something I want to point out in each case. That is, your path to get organized will follow your vision for a space. It’s always best to build the vision on your priorities. Put another way. You have to prioritize to organize.

Example 1: The work from home vision

Maybe temporary work from home has turned to permanent work from home. So given the immense priority of earning a living, be sure to dedicate a good comfortable space to work. Perhaps a prioritization on a work space means a DE-prioritization on the guest room. If no-one’s visited in a while, maybe the bed can be downgraded to a foldout sofa. By doing that, you open up the floor for a decent desk. Maybe some of the extra bedding in the closet can give way to some much needed office supplies.

Yes, the bed and bedding were assets when you had regular visitors. But now, given your evolving priorities, they now represent barriers.

If Zoom calls have become a regular part of this space then they affect your choices. Your video call back ground becomes a part of your room design considerations.

This vision is really important to get clear in your mind before you start getting organized and here’s why. As you start to review the excess items in that room, some will be easy, and some will be hard. However, when you have a clear vision pulling you forward, then the process becomes less about what you are giving up. It’s more about what you are gaining.

Example 2: The garage for storage vision

Most of us with garages would like to be able to park a car in in them, but not all of us. For some, the priority of storage alone is greater. That’s not the only alternative. It could be a workout space or an artist’s studio, but let’s stick with the storage example.

If storage is the purpose then accessibility should be the goal. Avoid things that eat up floor space and wall space for shelves. Then, don’t choose the really big bins that don’t fit on shelves and compromise accessibility. Make allowances for the “un-shelvables” that need to hang.

Again choosing your priority makes it easier to get organized, which makes it easier to create the best organizing systems. That in turn makes it easier to stay organized.

Example 3: The living room to sell home vision

When you are selling your home, you are completely changing your priorities. The priority now is to let go of your home and create a product for the marketplace.

The priority of organizing your family photos on the walls and surfaces is gone.

Furniture filling up floor space, needs to give way to a few strategically placed pieces.

Now you may be inspired by this clean open space and start getting some ideas. You may tell yourself this. “Maybe I should can get rid of some of these shoeboxes of photos while I’m at it. CAUTION! You are suddenly able to start seeing possibilities and that’s great! That’s the beauty of organizing, but beware. You don’t want to open a door you’re not prepared to close.

Check your priority. The photographers are coming the day after tomorrow. List your home, get it sold,  and get it packed up to move. Then make organizing your photos a priority in your new home.E

To summarize, the reason you have to prioritize to organize is this. Everyone has different priorities and priorities are always changing. Got a room you have to organize? WHY? What’s your main priority for that space? Once you are clear on that, your path to getting organized and staying organized will open up.

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