Having discussed getting your clothes closet organized, I now want to look at closet organizing products. The right products will give you the systems that will keep your clothes closet organized.

Before I begin, I should make a disclaimer. You won’t see any of these products in my closet because I keep a minimalist closet. Actually, it’s just a small wardrobe.  My product choices are influenced by my limited wardrobe. For example, I choose thicker wooden hangers. That’s because I don’t have to worry about packing as many clothes in as possible.

I know my clients don’t like to limit their clothes as much as I do, so these recommendations are for you. While I try to share attractive products, my main focus is how they increase findability and accessibility.

Coat hangers

First, choose a consistent coat hanger. These thin velvet hangers are very popular. Unlike my wooden hangers, these save on space. How do they help visibility? The velvet surface means garments don’t slip on to the floor where you can’t find them.

If you like to hang your pants straight, these clips make it possible, while keeping a consistent hanger look.

Shoe storage

If you don’t have shoe storage in your closet, there are two options we like.

If you can take advantage of vertical storage, try this 10 tier rolling shoe rack.

To fit under your hanging garments, we like this 4 tier product from The Container Store.

Like to maximize shoe storage on your shelves? Try these adjustable shoe rack space savers. In each case, findability and accessibility are improved by getting your shoes out of a pile on the floor.

Laundry hamper

Speaking of the floor, I like to keep the floor as clear as possible. That way, you can get in and access your hangers and shelves. For that reason, I don’t recommend keeping a laundry hamper in your closet. However, if limited space demands it, I like these open top hampers on wheels.

Shelf storage bins

If you have more shelf space then drawer space, here are some options

If you’re going with a grey theme, I like the Montauk rectangular bin. A label can go on a metal clip, which comes in a variety of colors. If you prefer the mesh look you can go with a mesh bin which you can get with magnetic labels. If you’d like to increase visibility and save some money, you can choose a clear bin. Brother P-touch labels come in clear, which looks nicer. In each case, I would recommend positioning folded garments vertically to maximize findability.

Shelf dividers

To give structure to shelved items like stacks of sweaters and handbags, these shelf dividers work great. They just slide onto your shelves

Off-season storage

Free up space by storing off-season clothing on upper shelves. You’ll want to look for shallower bins than for larger storage shelves. These grey twill storage bins allow clothes to breath. These ventilated bins also allow air in, but make contents more visible than the twill bins. By storing off-season clothes more remotely, you are taking the less important clothes out of the way.  That way, you can more easily access your most important clothes.

Once again it is important to remember that containers make sense when they help findability and accessibility. For that reason, sometimes the best container is no container at all.