Hey, That’s Important!

To get organized the word “important” needs to be used carefully.

If “important” is used too much then there is no distinction and the most important stuff can get buried in the less important stuff. Put another way, if everything is important then nothing is important.

If “important” is used too little then important is seen as a small category unto itself.

Organizing Business Cards

Got a lot of business cards piling up, that you never find the time to organize? As with so many organizing challenges, the answer lies in the divide-and-conquer approach. Collected in piles or bundles, business cards tend to take up residence, but broken up into simple categories they become more useable.  If they’re not useable, why keep them at all? …


Focus on Filing, Part 2: User-Friendly Filing

Originally from Matt Baier’s Organizing Works Newsletter, May 2007 FOCUS ON FILING, PART 2:  USER-FRIENDLY FILING The AVERAGE executive wastes one hour a day looking for lost or misplaced items.  That’s six weeks a year!      –The Wall Street Journal Last month I discussed the File Cycle, the lifecycle of a file in four stages of activity: Running, Sitting, …


Focus On Filing, Part 1: The Filecycle

Originally from Matt Baier’s Organizing Works Newsletter, April 2007 FOCUS ON FILING, PART 1:  THE FILE CYCLE “80% of papers that are filed are never referenced again.” Small Business Association  Do you sometimes feel like you don’t know where to begin when your desk is covered in papers?  If it was simply a matter of tossing it all in the trash …