When Empty Is Full

One of the things that makes it so difficult for us to stay organized is the need to fill empty spaces.  I’m not entirely sure where this need comes from, but I have seen that it is very real. Sometimes the folks I work with make me feel like I’m doing TOO good of a job.  We may create a …

Clean Slate of Mind

Ah, the clear desk.  There’s nothing like it.  It represents control and a sense of accomplishment, but it’s more than just a nice idea.  A clear work surface is nothing less than your MOST valuable organizing tool. That’s right.  I said organizing TOOL.  As with all tools, a work surface performs best when it is used with the right purpose. …

Negative Space

As an Organizer, I find the term “negative space” misleading. In design, negative space is the white area that falls between the dark “positive spaces.” Perhaps the most familiar example of negative space can be seen in the FedEx logo. As many of you have noticed by now, there is an arrow in the white space between the “e” and the “x.” That forward pointing arrow is negative space, but since it is such a perfectly POSITIVE symbol for FedEx it is hardly negative, in the bad sense. The same holds true for staying organized.