Top 10 Dedicated Zones

Establishing and maintaining dedicated zones are essential to staying organized.  Here are the top 10 dedicated zones every home should have. 1. Out-the-door zone.  Leaving the house can be a stressful moment. “Did I remember everything I need?” Keep a small table or shelf near the door JUST for the items you need to make a point of remembering: cell …


The Weekly Round Up

I have touched upon my system of Project Corrals in past posts, but today I am going to go into it in more detail. As always I believe a good system is an EASY system. This system involves an easy habit I call the weekly round-up, which I will demonstrate using my own projects and tasks as an example.

The most important takeaway I got from David Allen’s Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress Free Productivity is this.

Why Your Action System Isn’t Working

What action system do you used to get things done? Outlook? A Filofax? Your Smart phone? Maybe a good old fashioned to-do list? Odds are you are using a combination of all of the above.  If your system is not working, it’s helpful to look at all the elements that make a good action system.   If any one of these …