Product Review: 3M 1.5 X 2 Post-Its

I know what you’re thinking. “Really? Those nasty little notes that litter my husband’s computer monitor and desk?” No worries. I don’t like that look either and I don’t like what it represents: inaction.

What I do like, no, LOVE about the mini Post-Its is when they are used well. They are used best when they facilitate flexibility.


The Weekly Round Up

I have touched upon my system of Project Corrals in past posts, but today I am going to go into it in more detail. As always I believe a good system is an EASY system. This system involves an easy habit I call the weekly round-up, which I will demonstrate using my own projects and tasks as an example.

The most important takeaway I got from David Allen’s Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress Free Productivity is this.


What’s Making Your Tasks So Difficult

I have found that the number one reason we struggle with tasks is that they are actually projects, that we TREAT like tasks. So what’s the difference between a project and a task?

The easiest way to answer that question is with another question: How do you eat an elephant?

BETTER Than Two In The Bush

“A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.” I know that’s how the traditional saying goes, but I think it’s safe to say a bird in the hand is BETTER than two in the bush.

Do you ever have one of those workdays where you’re trying to juggle several different things, but you don’t actually finish any of them? I sure have and it’s a really frustrating feeling.