Creating Calm from Chaos

Creating Calm from Chaos

A Guest Post from Arline Melzer

I’ve seen firsthand how Matt Baier Organizing works to create calm from chaos.  He helped a client sort through a desk piled with papers, notes, wires, calculators, and bills, some that were time critical to get her children into summer camp.

He created this…









from this…









Matt first set up a table for sorting at each of the items that were on this client’s desk.






Then, with efficiency, respect and humor, Matt tailored a scheme for every item and every priority for now and for keeping the system going forward.  The client said over and over how much she loved what he did for her.  It’s easy to see why.
Arline Melzer, owner of Picture Perfections, is a film producer with a passion to help small businesses with their online video presence, and to help generations preserve and celebrate the times of their lives.  http://pictureperfections.com/

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  2. I was just trying to put my office back to how Matt so deftly organized it last year. Jis systems were surprisingly easy to follow. Duh! I guess that’s why he’s the professional and I’m the before picture!

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