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“Out Where I Can See It.”

"Out Where I Can See It."

“Out Where I Can See It” is an understandable need, but the problem is if everything is important, then nothing is important. If the front page of a newspaper appeared solid gray with unbroken text, you probably wouldn’t bother with it. It’s too overwhelming. Not only would it take time to prioritize the most important articles, it would take time just to see them!

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Safe Harbors

Originally from Matt Baier’s Organizing Works Newsletter, June 2008 SAFE HARBORS One of the most familiar complaints I hear from my clients is that they waste countless hours looking for important things they need all the time.  Some of the usual suspects are glasses, cell phones, wallets, date books, and keys.  I certainly can’t guarantee that you will never lose these items again, but you can increase your odds significantly by creating and using what I call SAFE HARBORS.  What follows are seven useful tips to create those safe harbors.  These apply to all of the above examples, but I am going to focus on the first item on the list: glasses. 1. Choose Wisely.  A safe harbor should be convenient.  Don’t just choose a spot because it is empty.  If you do find an empty spot, it is probably empty because it is inaccessible.  Consider, for example, freeing up space on the convenient table near the door by moving the framed photos to the inaccessible empty shelf.   Also, avoid a solution that requires you to put your glasses in […]

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