Originally from Matt Baier’s Organizing Works Newsletter, November 2008


What does it mean to get organized? To begin with, it involves both a JOURNEY and a DESTINATION.  The journey requires the right roadmap and the right vehicle. To stay in a comfortable destination requires the right home and the right payment plan.

I tend to get a little carried away with my analogies, so let me explain further.

1.The right roadmap means the right focus and plan for getting you where you want to go.  If you’re not clear on your destination you will never arrive.

2.The right vehicle means the right process to sort, purge, and assign your clutter, so the highway is cleared of roadblocks.

3. The right home refers to the right structure for your organizing systems.  You need the appropriate structures to hold everything you brought with you on your journey.

4. The right payment plan is not about the dollars you can spend, but about the time you can spend, i.e. a realistic habit.  If you have an overly elaborate organizing structure and you can’t afford the habits it costs to maintain it, that organizing system will fail and you won’t STAY organized.

I am aware that in the current economy people are less inclined to take journeys and seek new destinations, but I have some good news to counter the bad news.  Until November 30th 2008, I am offering a FREE consultation to first time clients.


What do you get with our free consultation? 

1. An experienced, trusted, non-judgmental professional, who LOVES getting people organized.

2. An expert who will listen carefully to YOUR organizing challenges and offer customized solutions that fit YOUR needs, not offer generic advice you could get from a book.

3. We will actually advise you on the right roadmap and vehicle so that you can make your OWN organizing journey.

4. If you do need an expert team that can drive you to your destination faster than you could imagine, we will provide you with a very competitive estimate.

Why am I giving away so much? 

I truly believe in the value of our services.  I am proud to say that we have made many of our clients happier, more comfortable, and more productive.

The value of organizing is tremendous, but it involves strangers sorting through your stuff and that requires a lot of trust.  We want to build trust and stop being strangers.  Even if we come to your home and you are not prepared to hire us, perhaps you will know somebody that is.  If you ARE ready to hire a Professional Organizer, there’s no better way to know if we are the best choice than by meeting one of us face to face.