This is the sixth in a series of Top 10 Closet Storage Do’s and Don’ts.

6. DON’T store loose papers in shopping bags. The vast majority of paper I find in plastic shopping bags is garbage.  These bags tend to fall into the category I call “make-it-go-away” bags, which is not a good idea.  If, however, these bags are holding old archives and records you need to keep, it’s still not a good idea.  These bags can’t be quickly identified, if you actually do need to find some of the contents.  Also they are structureless, so the contents can’t be protected.  Finally, when things look like trash they tend to get treated that way.

stacking-banker-boxes.jpgDO store archives in lidded boxes. If papers are worth archiving, make a modest effort to store them well.    First, empty those make-it-go-away bags and toss what you don’t need.  That might triple your storage space.  Second, don’t overorganize the old files you are hanging on to just-in-case, but do make a point of getting them into a lidded banker box and at least indicate the year(s) on the outside.  Lidded boxes can be stacked to take advantage of vertical space.  Try doing that with plastic bags.

Today’s key to unlocking clutter. A lidded box allows stack-ability and visibility.