dry-cleaningBungle in the Bundle

There is a false sense of security that comes from some familiar bundles.  More often than not, bundles don’t help you stay organized.

One example I have talked about in my blog Envel-nope! is, not surprisingly, the envelope.  Yes, the sealed envelope is the most appropriate vehicle for delivering you mail, but it is terrible for filing and even worse for action items.  If you are in the habit of filing sealed envelopes, you can quadruple your file space by unfolding the tri-folded statement and by simply discarding the outer envelope, the useless inserts, and return envelope (if you pay online).  An action item hidden in an envelope compels no one to action.

Here’s another example.  Those dry cleaning bags that bundle your clothes are not your friends.  They are designed to keep your clothes clean until you get them safely into your closet, but if you leave them on over time they trap moisture and can cause mold.

If you’re short on space in your new home, those unpacked boxes are robbing you blind, especially the boxes with fragile contents.  Over half the space could be air and packaging material.

Envelopes, laundry bags, and moving boxes are designed for the challenges of transport not the challenges of storage.  An easy way to stay more organized is to banish the bundles.