9781440324888_p0_v1_s260x420Book Review: A Mom’s Guide to Home Organization

If you find that your biggest organizing challenges come from the trials of being a mother, A Mom’s Guide to Home Organization is a great resource. It’s written by Debbie Lillard, a mother of three children and a professional organizer since 2003.

The book focuses on organizing three areas of your family life: your time, your belongings, and your home.

For time management, Lillard offers up creative strategies to manage your schedule with routines for morning, after school, and bed time. She provides advice for streamlining everyday duties and effectively managing extracurricular activities.

Her approach to managing belongings is a strategy called C.P.R., which stands for categorize, purge, and rearrange. Her C.P.R. strategy can be applied to organizing anything, whether it’s toys, clothes, artwork, paperwork, photos, or collections.

Finally she provides step-by-step instructions for organizing every room in your home as well as all critical school areas, including your child’s schoolbag, desk, locker, and home study area.

I like how comprehensive this book is on the subject, especially that Lilard doesn’t shy away from the toughest time management challenges. I’m also impressed with her solutions for the ever problematic photos. The advice is clear and well thought out.

My only reservation is that the section on baby feeding is a little too specific and doesn’t allow for the fact that the baby is in charge.

The information in this book is very useful, easy to follow, and, oh yes, well organized!