Product Review: Wrapster

The Wrapster by Quirky makes a great stocking stuffer for iPhone users.  It wraps your earbuds up in a neat little bundle AND it provides a stand for your iPhone.


A while back, I wrote about the Grid-It, which you can see pictured in the second and third photos. The Grid-It is great for holding a lot of different little things in one unit, but I still found my earbud containment sloppy. Not anymore with the Wrapster. Just look at it! I’m easily pleased. If you are too, you’ll love the Wrapster.

It should be noted that you can contain your earbuds in a binder clip quite effectively, but that doesn’t work so well if you’re trying to fit the bundle into the Grid-It, and who wouldn’t?

The Wrapster is available at The Container Store, of course.