What’s the Point of Crystal?

$(KGrHqJ,!iwE8MUmb!kUBPGJmkV1wQ~~60_35Can someone please explain the value of crystal to me? I just don’t get it. I see crystal in a lot in clients’ homes and it never represents anything good.

When we’re sorting stuff and trying to make space, the crystal always finds itself into our general décor category, because the client has run out of display space for this “treasure.” It doesn’t stack and it’s often too awkwardly shaped to fit in a box and if it does, we always worry about protecting it.

OK, I get that these are some pretty self-serving objections from an organizing point of view, so let’s put those aside. Here are some of the things I hear from clients:

• “Ooh, be careful with that. It’s very fragile.”

• “Oh, I really should clean that.”

• “My mother gave me that.”

• “Where should I put that?”

• “That was really expensive.”

• “Oh, I forgot about that.”

• “It was a wedding present.”

All of these statements suggest that crystal is a burden. None of them suggest that crystal is great.

Is it supposed to be beautiful? Some have managed to display their crystal, but never in a way that makes me say, “Wow, that’s really beautiful!” Either the crystal is mixed in with a bunch of junk or it is filled with junk, like candy. Isn’t it kind of out of vogue to adorn one’s coffee table with a crystal trough full of candy for the kids? It just seems like such a bad idea, for so many reasons. One could play it safe and go really old school and fill the candy dish with ribbon candy. NOBODY will touch that.

Benjamin Franklin said, “Glass, china, and reputation are easily cracked, and never well mended.” I think crystal could be included in that quote. I certainly understand the value of a good reputation. What I don’t understand is the value of crystal. I don’t mean to bash crystal. I just honestly don’t understand why anyone would choose to have it. As far as I can see, all it does is create a burden and it doesn’t look beautiful unless it is beautifully displayed, which it never is.

Do you love crystal? I would truly be interested to learn what the appeal is. Hopefully, I have stirred enough passion to get some feedback, but I doubt it.