3 Easy Stress-Stoppers this Summer


photo credit: JürgenBOT via photopin cc

Are you ready for now? Usually our ideas of being ready are directed toward the future. Will I be ready to retire (in the future)? Will I be ready in an emergency (in the future)? Being organized means being ready, not just for things that will happen in the future, but for things are happening NOW. Summertime brings many sudden moments that spark stress. Here are three of them and how to get ready for now.

1. Black Out

Thankfully black-outs don’t happen too often, but when they do, they are very stressful. Perhaps what’s at the heart of our stress is the unknown. “How did that happen?” “How long will this last?” “Where are all our emergency supplies?”

Simplify the unknowns, with one simple habit: always keep one flashlight in a reliable, accessible spot. As long as you have a flashlight to light your path to everything else, you can calmly take care of things, one at a time. I know this may sound kind of obvious, but it’s very easy to overcomplicate our emergency preparedness and skip the obvious.

Do you know exactly where your flashlight is right now and do you know if it is charged? Of course you can use your flashlight feature on your smart phone, but that better be charged too!

2. Travel Prep

Not all stressful moments are emergencies. A vacation or other getaway can be a lovely thing, but preparation can be stressful.

Again, I think the fear of the unknown is the culprit. “Did I remember everything?” “Am I OVER packing?” “What if I forget something I can’t buy!?”

For these unknowns, I recommend making the effort to type out a list and just updating it for every trip. There are just some things that you know you will need every time you go away, that bear reminding. For me, it’s cell-phone charger, contact lenses, medication, and actions like check oil and water plants.

When you have this comprehensive list saved in a reliable place on your computer, you can quickly add to or subtract from it as needed, and take comfort from the fact that all the usual suspects are covered. You don’t have to go through the same stressful questions as last time. Need some help with a list? Got this great tip from a friend, checkli.com. (Thanks Marilyn!)

3. Beach Day

The planets have aligned. It’s a gorgeous sunny day AND it’s a day off AND your friends are available. Finally a day at the beach! But are you ready for the now?

Are you digging through boxes to find your bathing suit? Is there nothing to eat in the fridge? Is it possible that all three suntan lotion bottles are empty? It’s already gotten to 10:30. Traffic’s going to be a nightmare!

Being organized, means being ready, and not just for boring stuff. The key is keeping it simple, as with the flashlight. Maybe it’s a tote bag with one towel and one bathing suit, per family member, and some sun tan lotion, stored at the back of the linen closet. If it needs to be more complicated than that then do the same thing I recommended with the trip list, so you don’t get stressed over forgetting something.

What are some things that YOU do, to be ready for now?