Good Structure Means Good Organizing

file jackets 2I have to admit, I was a big fan of TLC’s What Not To Wear. One of the things the hosts consistently recommended for the wardrobes of the poorly-dressed, was more structure. An important part of our organizing recommendations is also structure. Here are three good examples.

1.  Table

The most basic structure of all, to get and stay organized, is a clear work surface, because it allows for processing. Circulation prevents accumulation. The reliable structure of a work surface allows for this movement.

2. Bag

Whether it’s a suitcase or a handbag, it’s a lot easier to stay organized if that bag has some structure. A bag with more structure tends to stand up on it’s own, freeing up your hands. A structured bag also allows for more compartments, which help with sorting and organizing, especially the smaller items.

3. Files

Files that slump are nobody’s friend, because they are awkward, which discourages use. Also, sloppy files tend to compromise the find-ability of their contents, which is the whole point of filing. Hanging files are a good start, but 2” box bottom hanging files are even better for larger contents. Fold a square base for fatter manila files. Finally, use a wide file jacket in conjunction with your box bottom hanging files, to really make your files stand up and yell “find me!”

What are some structures that YOU use to stay organized?