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5 Easy Tips for Creating a Decluttering Plan

Looking for a simple fix to a cluttered home? You’ve come to the right place. These five easy tips from home organization experts will help you create a more effective decluttering plan. That means no more of those marathon cleaning days you’ve tried in the past.

Follow the advice below to create a plan to declutter your home that will also preserve your sanity.

4. Purge Clutter Carefully

Sorting is an important step when decluttering room by room. If you throw away too much, you’ll end up with regrets. Get rid of too little and you won’t reach your goal. As you sort through your clutter, especially paperwork and family heirlooms, think about what you will need in the future and what truly has sentimental value.

Make sure you keep items that mean something to you or your family or will be of use to you in the future. This will help you reduce your regrets and keep you moving forward.

Matt Baier“When we are purging there is a tendency for the pendulum to swing from keeping too much to discarding too much. This often leads to regrets, which not only slow down the current purging process, but discourages future efforts. Nothing slows the purging process down faster than regrets.”

Matt Baier | Matt Baier Organizing

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