Offer of the Month
Each month we feature a NEW Offer of the Month with special introductory rates for new clients. Choose from three great options.

Gift Certficate
Do you have a friend or loved one who struggles with getting organized? Find out how you can help.

The Paper Power Hour
Got a lot of paper, but not a lot of money? This is a great way for do-it-yourself-ers to learn how to get your piles of paper under control. Learn more.

The Launchpad Session
Sometimes the toughest part about taking on a large organizing project is just getting started. Where do you begin and where will it all go? The Launchpad Session answers both these questions and gets you started.

Associate Services
Over the years we have worked with a number of businesses that have been outstanding resources for our clients OR have made Matt Baier Organizing look really good (or both!). Here they are.