Offer of the Month

The Garage Massage Special


The garage is the most abused room in the house. Treat it right with The Garage Massage. This offer is for new new clients.

Choose from three great options:

Special Starter


3 hours, 2 organizers
  • Clear floors
  • Sort major categories
    & reduction of excess
  • Recommendations
    on steps forward
Save 30!

Special PLUS


6 hours, 2 organizers
  • You get The Special
  • PLUS 
    an extra 3 hours, to
    cover more ground

Save $75!

This is an introductory offer. After the first Special Starter, Special PLUS or Special 123, our pricing starts at our regular rates. These descriptions are based on typically cluttered rooms, starting on a 150 square foot space. There may be other factors that affect how much can be accomplished in these sessions. Matt Baier Organizing, LLC reserves the right to determine an accurate estimate on day of services. Processing materials (starting at $25) and organizing supplies are not included in these rates. Travel, hauling, supply, and shopping costs are also not covered. There is an additional Weekend Rate of $75 for work scheduled on Saturday or Sunday. Offer must be scheduled no later than March 31, 2019. 

Offer of the Month

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