Energizing Your Closet

Last week I did a book review of Marie Kondo’s best-selling The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. This week I wanted to put one of her recommendations to the test. To energize your closet, she recommends taking 10 minutes to arrange your clothes from left to right in the order of heavy to light. This means longer and darker clothing should hang on the left and then work upward to lighter clothing on the right.


To understand what it takes to stay organized, it might be helpful to change the spelling of the word itself. The word “go” needs to be at the heart “organized.” To be truly organized, you need to be or-GO-nized.

I know the definition of organizing, but I haven’t found a satisfying word origin. 1375-1425, late Middle English from the Medieval Latin organizare- to contrive, arrange— is not doing it for me.

Closet CPR

Ever buy an item only to discover you already had 6 of them buried in your closet? Chances are your closet needs some CPR. No, there’s no clever acronym here, but for a closet to serve you well, it needs to start breathing. Your closet needs clear passageways so Items can circulate in and out easily. All too often, a …

Organizing is a Piece of Cake

I am often asked what furniture, closets, or shelves to buy and when I answer by saying  “an answer to the question of systems must be preceded by an answer to the question of quantity,” I am given a look that says “Why are you making me eat my brussel sprouts before I eat my cake?”  So be it. Let’s …


Two Sides of a Coin

Originally from Matt Baier’s Organizing Works Newsletter, July 2008 TWO SIDES OF A COIN If you think of storage as a one-way street, disorganization is inevitable.  Instead, I find it helpful to think of storage as a coin, where STORAGE is heads and RETRIEVAL is tails. Storage without retrieval is not a solution.  It is solving one problem by creating …