Organizing to Move: the Right Team

Moving is one of the most stressful life events there are. Being organized about it, can significantly reduce that stress, but there’s a lot to it.


Decluttering Books

Jerry Seinfeld once did a routine about keeping a personal library so you can show off and say “look at all I know!” (Sorry, couldn’t find it on YouTube.) My lovely wife is not amused by this and warns me to keep my decluttering paws away from her bookcases. So I do. If you, however, are at a stage where …

Diversion Tunnels

Diversion Tunnels In 1931, work began on the Hoover Dam, but before one bucket of concrete could be poured into the dam, the mighty Colorado River had to be diverted through four massive tunnels. If your whole house needs some serious organizing, a lesson can be drawn from the Hoover Dam. Your colossal task also needs to begin with diversion …