The Secret to Why You Still Can’t Stay Organized

Being organized requires a balance of three limited resources. The first two are time and space. Much has been written about how to work within the limits of time and space, but there is a third resource that attracts less attention. That resource is energy.

It is possible to clear your space, organize your time, and establish sensible systems for both and still not be able to stay organized, because you lack the energy to maintain those systems.


When Ambition Outweighs Energy

On the subject of food, my mother used to tell me “your eyes are bigger than your stomach!”  On the subject of organizing, I have observed that, for many of my clients, their ambition significantly outweighs their energy. Don’t get me wrong. I think it is important to challenge ourselves.  It’s OK for our reach to exceed our grasp, but …

Clean Slate of Mind

Ah, the clear desk.  There’s nothing like it.  It represents control and a sense of accomplishment, but it’s more than just a nice idea.  A clear work surface is nothing less than your MOST valuable organizing tool. That’s right.  I said organizing TOOL.  As with all tools, a work surface performs best when it is used with the right purpose. …

The Energy Factor

Being truly organized requires a balance of three limited resources: space, time, and energy. The first two are pretty obvious, but “energy” is often overlooked. You may be working in a comfortable, productive space and you may have what seems like a well planned out schedule, but if you haven’t budgeted for your energy levels, it can all come unravelled.