Why Your Organizing System Is Still Not Working

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So you’ve bought all these great organizing supplies, done some purging, created a space for everything and everything is in its place, but you still can’t stay organized. What could possibly be missing? The problem is, life doesn’t stand still and neither do your organizing needs. There must be a plan for movement.

What My Headlines Look Like

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A while back I described how to organize your to-do’s by comparing them to newspaper headlines. Today I want to share an actual model of what that might look like. To summarize, the front page of a newspaper is made up of a series of short compelling headlines. Each headline may have a short blurb, but it always has a connecter to the full story inside. Much of the time, what piles up on our desks are full stories.

Reaching Goals

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Originally from Matt Baier's Organizing Works Newsletter, January 2009 REACHING GOALS January is the month we like to make a fresh start. Getting organized is a very popular New Year's resolution and this month I would like talk specifically about how to stick to the goals we set. These goals can be as small as focusing on "simple" errands or as large as creating a website.

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