29-scheduleEver had so much stuff piled up on your desk, that you didn’t feel like you could do ANY of it? Challenge yourself to pick a limited number for each task.

Start with your to-do list.  Here’s my to do list for today.  I’ve got one big fixed commitment in the middle of the day that will block most of my time. Once I’m clear on where my free time is, I then limit my to-do’s to a number I can fit in with little Post-It notes.  Because it’s a realistic number, it’s more likely to get done.

Got an overwhelming number of prospects to follow up on? Take a tip from my friend Rich Gee and choose your five most promising ones.  Focus on just those five first.

Having a tough time getting your blog out regularly? Choose a limited topic and select just three salient examples.   The shorter the blog, the more likely people are to read it.

If your to-do’s aren’t getting to done, look for ways to reduce the numbers.