Are You Allowing Your Clutter to Take Up Residence?

You may hate the way the clutter accumulates in your home or office, but it’s possible you may be making some simple structural choices that cause it. A truly effective organizing system is built on movement. Some choices prevent movement and allow clutter to take up residence.

In case you thought I have completely lost my mind and have included the wrong photo with this post, let me explain.  Many years ago, at the University of Maine I was a history major, with a focus on the First World War. One memorable fact I learned was that the Germans built entirely different trenches than the allies. The Germans, like the clutter in some homes, were in it for the long haul. They took up residence.

Look how comfortable these guys are. The Germans built underground game rooms with pool tables and table tennis. The allies, on the other hand, eventually learned that success came from short, swift movements. Send a couple guys out at night, drop a couple grenades in one end of the trench, and give the Krauts a nasty wake up call. It was a series of short steps, not one massive offensive, that made the difference. That and the US entry that tipped the scales. I know there are historians out there that could tear this summation to shreds, but the point is the allies never got comfortable in those awful trenches, like the Germans did.

Curious what structural choices in your home are allowing your clutter to get as comfortable as a German soldier? What follows is a round-up of past posts that covers that subject.
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Am I wrong? Let me know.