Why Am I Filing My T-Shirts?

I am filing my t-shirts because I learned a terrific tip from CPO Alejandra Costello.  She stores her t-shirts vertically, so you can get a better view of them. Brilliant! Here is her video explaining how she does it and the tool she uses. If you are too lazy to watch her 4:47 minute video or too lazy and too cheap to order her tool, like I am, here’s what you can do.

T 1T 2T 3
1. Grab a sturdy piece of cardboard and cut it to one third of your drawer width by half your t-shirts’ length.  About 8 minutes.
2. Place this cardboard piece on the top center of your t-shirt. Fold over one sleeve, as shown. 10 seconds.
3. Fold the other sleeve over, fold the bottom of the t-shirt up, and withdraw the cardboard. 10 seconds.
4. Fold the t-shirt once more and store vertically in your drawer. That’s it. In the right hand photo, you can see what my drawer looks like now. I can now see t-shirts I forgot I had and I have actually gained 30% more space!

 What do you think? Is this getting too organize-y for you or does it actually make sense?