Getting Organized: Save Dessert for Last

The Container Store was chosen by The Denver Post as the winner for the top medium sized workplaceThe number one mistake people make, when trying to get organized, is to run out and buy containers, before they know exactly what they are containing. It’s certainly tempting. I mean look at that sampling of gorgeous containers picture to the right. They’re like candy. Like any dessert, they should be saved for last.

Clutter is an ugly thing and when we imagine it going away, we then picture what it is going to go away IN. However, it is important to recognize two things:

1. The most effective way to control clutter is to have less of it

2. The majority of what you keep, should be kept in play, not hidden.

You could add a third thing. If you tried to contain your excess in these pretty little containers, it could get very expensive!

To stay organized, you must first get clear why you are keeping everything and then toss, donate, and sell all the things that are not serving you. You will accomplish  more, when you carry less.

When you get down to manageable quantities in each category, and you know what rooms they are going into, only then does it make sense to consider containers.


Finally, the more things are hidden away, the less likely you are to use them, so don’t contain too much. Accessibility promotes manageability.

Decluttering is the main entree on your organizing menu, but it’s hard work. So once you’ve gotten through it, NOW it’s time to reward yourself with dessert!