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Organizing Clothes for Storage

IMG_2867All of my organizing solutions are built around a plan for circulation and now is the time to look at a very important one: seasonal rotation of clothes. Here are some thoughts on how to store seasonal clothes, how to store daily clothes, and products that make it all easier.

Seasonal Storage

Just as it doesn’t make sense to clog up your closet space with sweaters and boots during the Summer, you don’t want to do the same with shorts and sandals in the Winter. Here’s some ways to store your clothes, that keeps them protected.

  1. Clean first. Moths are attracted to body odor and feed on dead skin cells. You may not wear it for another 6 months, but clean it now.
  2. Let them breath. In the case of folded clothes, canvas boxes are best because they allow clothes to breathe. If you need to use plastic boxes, don’t use the tight seal variety. Keep moths away with cedar if you hate the smell of mothballs.
  3. Environment. Ideally, clothes should be stored in a cool, dry, and dark place. We all know moths are attracted to light. They are also discouraged by the dark.

Daily Storage

Closets and drawers that are more inviting, encourage more use. Here’s how:


  1. Weed out the excess. Donate what you’re sure about and use the hanger rotation method for questionable items. Put the hangers for those in backwards and when you use a garment, put the hanger back in the forward position. At the end of the season, donate all the clothes remaining on backward hangers.
  2. Discard dry cleaning bags. Laundry bags are designed to temporarily protect clothes in the laundromat and on the trip home, but over time they can trap moisture and damage your clothes.
  3. Group colors or darkness. Clothes sorted by color and darkness make it easier to see what you have and make decisions quickly.
  4. File” T-shirts vertically. Fold your t-shirts once more and store them vertically in your drawer. This can help you gain up to 30% more space and gain 100% visibility.

IMG_2872Clothes Storage Products

Here are some products that can save space, maximize visibility, and protect your clothes.

  1. Moisture absorbers. You can really see how much moisture is in a closet by using a DampRid hanging moisture absorbers. It filters water out of the air and collects water in the bag below. The silica packets you get with your new shoes are worth keeping for seasonal storage.
  2. Shoe box assortment. You can save space with everyday shoes by storing vertically on a shoe rack, but the rest can go in clear shoeboxes of various sizes, so they can be stacked.
  3. IMG_2870Sweater bags for handbags. Accessories aren’t exactly clothing but they do pose a storage challenge in clothes closets. We find the clear sweater bags from the Container Store to be excellent for organizing handbags, in a variety of sizes.

I know I’ve only scratched the surface on clothing storage tips. Do you have some favorites, that aren’t on this list?





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