As summer approaches, it’s time to get ready for vacations and getaways. Here are some tips to get organized and stay organized for your travels.

1. Running Checklist

Good planning will allow you to rest your mind on your vacation, starting with a reliable checklist. Don’t reinvent the wheel every time. Keep a running checklist of “pre-flight” things you always need to do before the trip and things you always need to pack, on your computer. Then do add or subtract items, depending on the length and nature of your trip. Highlight the irreplaceables in red, i.e.: prescriptions, passport, phone charging cord, etc. The red list is worth reviewing several times.

checklist2. User-Friendly Suitcase

If you just randomly throw items into your suitcase, then it will just randomly serve you.

Pack heavier items on the bottom, so your bag doesn’t tip over.

Rolling, instead of folding, your clothes will reduce creasing and be more space-efficient.

snack bagReveal Don’t Conceal

1. A clear toilet bag makes finding things easier, which is particularly valuable in unfamiliar new locations.

2. Ziploc Bags are great for the same reason.

3. Clear envelope are great to collect receipts all in one place.

receipt envelope3. Electronic solutions

Go with the tablet option for reading, to save space on packing books.

3 outlet adapter is a real lifesaver, when you have multi electronic devices. Many hotels and homes are not built for today’s electronic needs.

Earbuds. Don’t forget these, for music and videos in public places.

Grid-ItThe Grid-It keeps all your electronics organized in one place. Having them attached to a flat board, means that fit well in a carry-on laptop bag, so you can always find what you want, when you need it.

4. Folding hacks

• Sports Jacket. Wear a jacket if you can, garment bag if you can’t, but if you have to fold it, here’s how.

• Basics bundle. Fold socks, underwear, and T-shirt into one unit.

Keep one in carry-on bag, in case luggage is lost, to cover the basics. Doubles as a pillow, for the plane or train.

When you know you are comfortably carrying everything you need and that you can always access what you want, when you need, you can focus on what really matters: relaxing and enjoying your vacation.

Bon voyage!