Organizing Your Car

226e02562517e1149a0d825738cd1742As we get away on more road trips this summer, you may find yourself wanting to ensure an organized ride. Here are some tips for organizing your car in the trunk, the driver’s seat, and the back seat.

The Trunk 

A little structure, goes a long way, when organizing the trunk.

  • Keep all emergency items in this trunk organizer.
  • FoldingCrateGry10059832_lTo keep groceries from flying everywhere, bring a collapsible box. Structure when you need it, space-
    saver, when you don’t.

The Driver’s Seat

  • If you don’t know about the Sticky Pad, it’s a great way to keep your cell phone handy on your dashboard, without worrying about it sliding around.
  • sticky2 3M Command hooks are great for hanging things without damaging your walls, but in the car
    they are great for controlling any  loose cords on your dashboard.
  • Keep your coupons where you need them. For brick and mortar businesses, the car makes the most sense. I like using clear envelopes. Once again, reveal don’t conceal.

The Back Seat

  • back seatAs the name suggests, the backseat organizer keeps things organized in the backseat. It’s particularly good for kid’s activities and snacks.
  • Some solutions are free. Create a perfectly fitting trash bin by simply cutting off the top of a kitty litter jug. Just put some velcro on the bottom, to hold it in place. No excuses. Trash has a place to go!

Do you have a favorite car organizing tip that’s not on the list?

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