Organizing A Wider Cast, To Last

We usually get called in for organizing help over a fairly limited problem: a cluttered garage, a pile of papers, or to-do’s not getting to done. It’s good to have a starting point, because it means that you have chosen a priority. However, to make the organizing last longer requires reaching a little further.


Organizing Lessons From the Boutique

After we have purged the excess stuff from a client’s home, we have a conversation about how best to organize and store what’s left. This involves a discussion about the showroom vs. stockroom approach, which I have written about before. This time, I want to revisit the showroom vs. stockroom approach, with the aid of two useful images.


Getting Organized for 2014

Getting organized is a very popular New Year’s resolution, but like so many resolutions, it can be a very difficult one to keep, without some simple guidelines. Here are some simple guidelines.


How Dedicated Zones Work

How Dedicated Zones Work “Dedicated Zone” is an expression professional organizers (like me) throw around a lot, but what exactly does it mean and how does it work? A dedicated zone is an area, as small as a drawer or as large as a room, that one reserves exclusively for one category.  The dedicated zone should be determined at the …

The Right Sort

When speaking of people, “the right sort” tends to have a very nasty usage, but when speaking of excess stuff, “the right sort” is the best way to get some really good organizing started.

Typically, when one resolves to organize a cluttered basement or home office, there is a tendency to throw out not enough of what needs to go, too much of what shouldn’t go, and put the keepers into systems that won’t last. All of this can be solved by good sorting practices.


Organizing, A Month At A Time

Getting organized is a very popular New Year’s resolution, but it’s much easier said than done.  A great way to approach it is to focus on organizing one room at a time.  This is particularly helpful if you have a plan for matching the right month with the right room.  Here is just such a plan.  Links to organizing each …

Reaching Goals

Originally from Matt Baier’s Organizing Works Newsletter, January 2009


January is the month we like to make a fresh start. Getting organized is a very popular New Year’s resolution and this month I would like talk specifically about how to stick to the goals we set. These goals can be as small as focusing on “simple” errands or as large as creating a website.


Originally from Matt Baier’s Organizing Works Newsletter, October 2007 BACKSLIDING Since we don’t become instantly DISorganized, we can’t expect to become instantly organized.  Oh sure, we can shove all our clutter into a closet and give the illusion of control, but to get truly organized and STAY organized a process is required.  As many of you know by now, I …